Zerra was founded in 2007 to create management breakthrough. Our mission, as we see it, is to create value through science. We use leading, academic research to help organizations create value at scale, and in a more sustainable way. We are sustainable creativity architects.

How We Work

Innovation goes beyond products and technology. As the business press suggests, the word “innovation” is now used to describe the way organizations are designed (business model innovation) and managed (management innovation). Why is innovation seen as a pressing need? Because it is fundamentally about solving the world’s problems. While innovation is needed in many places, each organization and their individual members have their own needs. Our 4D methodology (see below) addresses these needs, throughout a process that creates value. 4D is shaped by core beliefs about value creation. First, value is holistic (hence, bigger than finance). Second, organizations are networks of people, within ecosystems. Third, innovation is empowered (or hampered) by the structure and culture of these networks. Fourth, creativity is everywhere, in everybody. Fifth, creativity either creates value or destroys it (“dark creativity”). Sixth, promoting “positive creativity” is necessary, but not sufficient. Seventh, defeating “dark creativity” is when a breakthrough happens.


  1. Talk objectives, value-add
  2. Aim financial and non-financial impact
  3. Get the right metrics
  4. Start a journey!
  5. Fun matters


  1. Engage stake-holders
  2. Address pain-points
  3. Think “ecosystem”
  4. Think “social journey”
  5. Build “bridges of trust”
  6. Foster authority
  7. Aim at shared leadership
  8. Design small experiments


  1. Frictions show where things need to evolve
  2. Tackle structure and culture
  3. Use “hard” and “soft” data
  4. Factor in your own assumptions and bias
  5. What is the heart of the matter?
  6. Use visual tools, and other forms of reports, to “make the invisible more visible”


  1. Create shared value
  2. Form moral, intellectual and relational capital
  3. Enhance managerial culture
  4. Create a routine of rehearsing basic soft-skills (e.g. bonding, alignment, mediation)


We have served innovative companies in multiple environments, such as: Advisory, Beverage & Food, BtoB, Banking, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Energy, Environment, Financial Services, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Hospitality, NGO, Non-Profit, Research, Technology, Venturing.

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