How We Work

We typically go through a cycle:


  1. Talk objectives, value-add
  2. Aim financial and non-financial impact
  3. Get the right metrics
  4. Start a journey!
  5. Fun matters


  1. Engage stake-holders
  2. Address pain-points
  3. Think “ecosystem” and “social journey”
  4. Begin where people are at
  5. Build “bridges of trust”
  6. Help leaders be a conduit for change
  7. Make yourself invisible
  8. Fail fast


  1. Frictions often show where things need to evolve
  2. Tackle both structure (tangibles) and culture (intangibles)
  3. Collect “hard” data, and “soft” data
  4. Make the invisible visible
  5. Do not believe that a one-time diagnostic is enough : instead, use small experiments
  6. Identify your assumptions
  7. Dump misleading ones
  8. What is the heart of the matter?

Deliver value

  1. DNAs don’t change, behaviors do
  2. Follow up on commitments
  3. Seek breakthrough
  4. Create shared value
  5. There is untapped value in the social journey
  6. Enhance managerial culture
  7. Create a routine of rehearsing basic soft-skills (e.g. bonding, alignment, mediation)


Our mission is to reenchant business, and make it mutual.


Strategy • Governance • Risk • Organisation • Audit • Culture • Change • Execution • Quality • Productivity • Happiness • Well-being • Leadership • Mediation • Coaching • Training


We have served innovative companies in multiple environments, such as: Advisory, Beverage & Food, BtoB, Banking, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Energy, Environment, Financial Services, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Hospitality, NGO, Non-Profit, Research, Technology, Venturing.

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