How Do I Persuade My Peers Our House is Burning?

By Alec Corthay

An executive struggles to persuade other executives about an alarming situation. People are disengaged, and morale is at an all-time low. There are gaps in the managerial culture. If nothing changes, the Executive Team will not be able to execute its strategy. As a result, change programs will fail, and millions will be lost. The price tag is high. The house is burning! Yet this situation is dangerously underrated by her peers. You may be true, they say, but it cannot be measured. Is there a way to demonstrate the state of urgency? Are there metrics to measure intangibles, she wonders? How can I make the invisible visible? She turns to management innovation.

Impact: The Executive Team gets it. The state of urgency is demonstrated with metrics. Measures are taken to address the gaps.

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